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I really like this! Each instrument goes together well and overall the composition is very fun to listen to. Excellent job!

EctiBot responds:

Thx for the nice words :D. Glad you liked it ;).
I'll make sure to make more and better music in the future :)-

I really loved this! The piano and trombone went together beautifully and the piece definitely mixes jazz and classical music together quite nicely. As Wayv said, the recording quality is a bit poor. But other than that, the track still sounds really great overall. Amazing job!

rluebbert responds:

Thank you! I will definitely try to get better at working with my recordings to get good sound quality.

I personally think you are very talented and that you put a lot of effort into your articulation. Keep up the great work!

OneReallyMadMan responds:

Thank you! :D Sorry I hadn't noticed your message or request, I'm still a newgrounds newbie.

I really liked this. The instruments fit together like puzzle pieces to create an interesting piece of ambient music. Also, the instrument choices, such as choosing an xylophone for the main melody, were really smart. Excellent job!

This is a really awesome track. The harmony is just perfect and the whole song feels epic overall. Keep up the great work.

RabidMedia responds:

thank you. I tried to make it as full-sounding as possible

This track has an ominous and sinister feel to it, matching the title "Streets of Malice" really nicely. However, the melody seems slightly repetitive, at least in my opinion. This is still a pretty cool song though: nice and spooky.

RabidMedia responds:

It was meant as kind of a game music loop I may still use sometime. but thank you, for the compliment

This loop is simple yet catchy, and it would certainly compliment a retro-style game quite nicely. Keep up the good work.

N1nj4X responds:

Thanks dude :D

This song is great and extremely catchy, but I hate to say that I first heard this masterpiece in the atrocity that is BurgerTime World Tour for the Wii. This song was probably the only reason I felt motivated to get past the first several levels.

I love this chiptune! It's really catchy and would definitely fit in nicely as an epic boss theme for a retro-style video game. Keep up the great work!

I am a musician who enjoys producing 8-bit music and sometimes programming video games. I am also particularly fond of jello pudding pops.

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