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This was great for a first animation! The frames transition very smoothly, despite being simple.

Jesus Christ, I love this.

Барсуки барсуки барсуки барсуки гриб гриб!

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Good job, Ubisoft. You've convinced me to buy Rayman Origins.

The concept is very nice and it's easy to tell that lots of effort was put into the project, but there are quite a few bugs that interfere with the gameplay immensely. I'm sure this game will be much more positively reviewed if the bugs were to be worked out.

This game is pretty great! It's definitely a creative way of turning Pac-Man into a PuzzleScript game. The gameplay is really creative and the levels manage to increase in difficulty while maintaining basic and simple rules. My only complaint is that it seems a bit short and there are few game mechanics other than to move Pac-Man, avoid ghosts, and collect the white pellets. Perhaps adding warping screens or power pellets could somehow enhance the gameplay and allow for more interesting puzzles? Regardless of this, I think the game was really fascinating and fun to play. Keep up the good work!

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I really like this! Each instrument goes together well and overall the composition is very fun to listen to. Excellent job!

EctiBot responds:

Thx for the nice words :D. Glad you liked it ;).
I'll make sure to make more and better music in the future :)-

I really loved this! The piano and trombone went together beautifully and the piece definitely mixes jazz and classical music together quite nicely. As Wayv said, the recording quality is a bit poor. But other than that, the track still sounds really great overall. Amazing job!

rluebbert responds:

Thank you! I will definitely try to get better at working with my recordings to get good sound quality.

I personally think you are very talented and that you put a lot of effort into your articulation. Keep up the great work!

OneReallyMadMan responds:

Thank you! :D Sorry I hadn't noticed your message or request, I'm still a newgrounds newbie.

I am a musician who enjoys producing 8-bit music and sometimes programming video games. I am also particularly fond of jello pudding pops.

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